Day 12-17: What Happened While I Went AWOL

Greetings, internet!

No, I didn’t forget about this, and l didn’t fall off the Whole30 bandwagon. I can proudly say that my name is Lindsy and I haven’t had sugar in 29 days. Also, I’m more than half way through the program since I restarted it. This week has been super busy because I’ve been at a belly dance festival/ competition! 

(Me and one of my troupe mates)

 Yesterday I danced for 7 hours and today I’ve been exhausted! But l still wanted to drop a note here. I managed to stay compliant throughout the festival by making all the food l was going to eat out in advance. I made broccoli and asparagus frittata for breakfasts and roasted root vegetables with nuts and seeds for lunches and dinners. I also took some walnuts to snack on. I was very satisfied with my food, though I have to say dancing 7 hours made me really hungry and I dropped the store for extra snacks before the night was over. 

I’ll write more about my meal plan this week and how it went tomorrow, after l finish my last 6 hours of dance workshops. Need to get to sleep so I can be up bright and early. Good night!


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