Day 18: Are We There Yet?

Cravings have been kicking my butt today. Today would have been the last day of Whole30 had I not started over. Instead, it’s day 18. 12 more days. My brain is whining, basically going BUT YOU PROMISED THIS WOULD ONLY BE 30 DAYS!!! 


Today was also the last day of the belly dance festival. Check out how cute my dance buddies and I look at the end of a difficult and engaging workshop with Virginia:

14 hours of dancing in 4 days! I am very tired and very happy, and motivated to do all sorts of fancy dance stuff in the near future. 

I’m still working out the kinks with my meal planning. I spent waaay more money on groceries than l intended, mostly because l wanted to be all cool and buy from the farmers market every week. I love farmers markets so much for so many reasons, but l have to face the fact that they’re quite a bit more expensive than regular grocery shopping. With August about to start, I’m trying to plan more efficiently. 

Other goals for this month: tidy and organize the house, exercise at least a bit every day, and finish some important internship applications for school. I also want to go visit my grandpa in San Antonio!

What about you, everyone? Got some special goals for August? Best of luck to all of us!


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